Is ‘Toilet Paper Dermatitis’ Really A ‘Thing’?

Question from Customer: I have a number of allergies and chemical sensitivities. Here’s the latest reaction: Every time I use a public toilet, I have very uncomfortable swelling.  Some of my friends have told me of a similar reaction.  Is some new chemical being added to the paper to make it dissolve faster or something? This reaction also can make me feel as if I have a urinary-tract infection that lasts only a day or so.BPA TP

A: There are several cases of “toilet paper dermatitis” in the medical literature (Canadian Family Physician, April 2010). Some products may contain residues of bleach or formaldehyde used to process the paper, or BPA’s that are left behind in the recycling processes. These agents may irritate delicate skin in sensitive people.

Once you identify a brand of toilet paper that doesn’t cause a reaction, you may wish to carry some with you to avoid the results of public restroom paper.


_DSC2569_bumboosa_©cesaralsinaBum Boosa Bamboo Products have developed a loyal following of customers who buy our 100% bamboo toilet paper. When we set out to create this product in 2010, we had focused primarily on creating a more eco-friendly tissue and saving trees.  We were not even aware of the prevalence of allergic reactions to conventional tissues.  We were pleasantly surprised that by creating this hypoallergenic product (that is free of formaldehyde additives, chlorine, BPAs, and is the only NON GMO Verified Toilet Tissue on the market as of 10/2014), we are helping people to alleviate discomfort.  When customers email us with their success stories, it is immensely gratifying.


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